BitcoinPenguin is now provably fair

Transparency is one of the most defining traits of bitcoin. Ever since the launch of our casino, it has been our priority to implement provably fair technology to our games. We are glad to announce that this technology has now been added, and the randomness of our games can now be verified by our players themselves.

Below we have explained how it works:


Provably Fair Explained

Our games are now provably fair, meaning that we can prove that neither the casino or the player knows the outcome of a game before it starts. In other words, it proves that we do not alter the result of the game based on your bet – the games are random, just like a real life spin of the wheel or toss of dice.

Each player can now view the fingerprint of a game before it starts. Each player can also alter the client seed before the start of a game. After a game, the player can verify that we used the same fingerprint as we said we would, thus proving that the game was truly random.

To understand why this is important, you need to understand the technology behind our casino games. Read the below example to make things a bit more clear.


Example: Checking the fairness of our slots

We use a RNG generator, certified by iTechLabs, to generate the result of each spin of the reel. In addition to that, the randomly generated result is added to another random number, “the secret“. These numbers are hashed to create a “fingerprint“. Each spin produces an unique fingerprint.

The outcome of the game can be influenced by the player by entering a client seed at the start of each game. Normally, the client seed is generated automatically, but you can also influence it manually. The seeds go from 0 to 9. After the game is played, the player can view the influence of the seed and the whole RNG process through our in-game widget, or by using a third-party tool.

Reminder: You are not actually required to enter a client seed if you don’t wish to do so. You can just continue to play our games normally if you so wish.

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